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Do you have staining, cracking, or holes in your older stucco? If this is the case, then Philadelphia Stucco Repair is the perfect solution for you. We can identify your stucco problem, fix it, and advise you on keeping your stucco in good condition. Stucco should last a long time in your house, so count on our skills to maintain it sound and sturdy.

Stucco is a natural, textured surface that’s commonly used on residential and commercial buildings. It comes in various colors and applications. It can give a decorative aspect to the inside or outside of a structure. Stucco used on the outside of a home is designed to resist the sun’s beams and severe weather conditions throughout the day. 


There are numerous materials used to structure a house, but none is more visually attractive than stucco. Stucco is a unique type of siding for your home that gives traditional, clean, and beautiful aesthetic looks while still being contemporary. Stucco is also utilized as a weather barrier since it can endure high winds, cold, and heat. However, ordinary wear and tear and other external causes can harm stucco, particularly stucco moldings and trim. As one of the reliable stucco contractors in Philadelphia, we specialize in interior and exterior stucco repairs, ensuring that your property’s stucco looks and performs as it should.We offer various services, such as residential stucco, commercial stucco, stucco repairs, stucco installation, and stucco replacement. Since our beginning, we have completed numerous residential and commercial projects. We’ve earned our name by offering top-quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price, all with a full warranty. Our highest focus is always customer satisfaction.

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    Residential Stucco

    If you’ve noticed stucco cracks, chips, holes, or flaking in your home, call Stucco Repair Philadelphia for your residential stucco project. We specialize in stucco repair, remaining true to the style and ensuring that our restoration matches the rest of your project. We don’t encourage attempting a repair as a DIY project if you need one. Most of the time, you’ll get less-than-satisfactory outcomes. Some people have done more harm than good. Our experts will ensure that your stucco repair is done the first time correctly. Furthermore, we’re experts in all our residential stucco services.

    Commercial Stucco

    Suppose your commercial property needs a low-cost, fresh outside covering that is beautiful and requires low maintenance. In that case, stucco may be the appropriate solution. It has a custom, clean appearance. It offers your company a beautiful, economic, and even energy-efficient makeover that may improve curb appeal from a long distance. If you run a company and are interested in stucco, give us a call to see how we can assist you with installation. Our comprehensive experience, skills, and industry resources will offer a high-performance solution that will meet and exceed your standards while adhering to your timetable and budget.




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    Benefits of Stucco

    Stucco not only makes the exterior seem clean but also has several advantages for you. Here are some of the benefits of stucco that you should be aware of:

    Durable: This cement mixture may last up to 60 years with little to no upkeep, making it an excellent choice for the side of your home. Because stucco expands and contracts with the climate, it’s less likely to crack or split apart as the seasons change. When professional stucco contractors in Philadelphia waterproofs the stucco’s exterior correctly, it becomes resistant to mold, mildew, and decay.



    When it comes to personalizing stucco, your possibilities are virtually infinite. It comes in a range of colors and textures, and you can apply it to many existing exteriors, such as steel or wood.

    Low maintenance

    Low maintenance

    The maintenance of your stucco is relatively low. Unlike other materials like siding, Stucco doesn’t need to be cleaned, reinstalled, painted, or replaced regularly.

    Easy installation

    Easy installation

    The installation of stucco takes only approximately two days. Along with being a quick procedure, it is a flexible substance since it can be applied to various materials, including wood and concrete masonry.

    Curb appeal

    For several reasons, having stucco on the exterior of your property can improve its value. Stucco is fire-resistant, energy-efficient, rot-resistant, low maintenance, and provides a great deal of curb appeal to the exterior of your home.

    The Problems You Might Be Dealing With Your Stucco

    Several significant issues might arise if a stucco exterior is not properly built or maintained. Improper material placement nearly invariably results in water damage, as well as mold, cracking, and discoloration. Here are some common issues you might be facing with your stucco:


    Stucco buildings are likely to crack. Localized cracking is typically caused by water damage under the surface. In contrast, widespread cracking across the property may be caused by poor craftsmanship when the stucco was placed. Many of these problems do not show themselves for several years. In addition to detracting from the aesthetic of your home, Cracks can be harmful if they extend more profound than the surface level.

    Moisture and water intrusion

    If you find missing stucco chips or pieces, there’s moisture below. When your stucco seems wet, this is another indicator of moisture or water penetration. After a rainfall, your stucco is likely to be damp. However, if days have passed and the stucco is still wet, moisture infiltration is most likely occurring someplace beneath your siding.

    Staining and discoloration

    Stucco is meant to hold some moisture, but this might be an issue if you’ve persistent spots or stains. Look for hazy white streaks or black patches to help you identify these spots or stains. If you don’t address this issue, you may face severe consequences. It might lead to black mold, rotting timber, and structural damage to your property.

    Mold and mildew

    Mold is an issue when there is excess moisture and water retention. Mold is not only an unsightly appearance, but it also poses a health danger to you and your family. 

    Looking For Stucco Service In Philadelphia?

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    Our Solution For Your Stucco Problems

    There are ways to fix this stucco problem—and if you need help, we have some excellent options. If you fear that your stucco may be hiding damage, schedule an inspection with Stucco Repair Philadelphia ASAP to identify the problems before it’s too late. 

    If stucco repair can’t fix your problem, we suggest stucco replacement in the long run. If you undertake stucco repair, you might have to do it again in a few years. You gain additional years of grace with replacement. You must be aware of these stucco issues and determine if you require stucco repair or replacement. If you’re still unsure, we advise you to contact us for a free stucco inspection.

    Because our stucco experts have years of knowledge and only use quality products, Philadelphia Stucco Repair specializes in residential and commercial stucco services. We specialize in dealing directly with homeowners, business owners, and property managers. We take pleasure in finishing projects on time and under budget. We’re a locally owned, licensed, and insured stucco repair company. We provide free, no-obligation estimates with rapid response and product guarantees. We’re skilled and experienced in all sorts of stucco repairs, and we always guarantee client satisfaction.

    We Are Here To Give You The Best Stucco Service

    Stucco is much more than just a visual appeal. It’s built by a committed team of stucco experts that prioritize the development of a new area. To install new stucco, you will deal with a committed team of specialists who understand the essential components necessary when building a safe and durable stucco. This mentality will result in a structure that will serve you for many decades to come.

    That’s why hiring Philadelphia Stucco Repair will be pretty helpful to you and your building. We promise that our efforts will result in a safe and beautifully pleasing building. Stucco Repair Company Philadelphia provides stucco installation, stucco repairs, and stucco replacement services. We’re a group of highly skilled professionals that operate efficiently at a low cost.

    We’ll come to your home or workplace, examine the damage, and give you a detailed strategy for servicing the sections of your home that require the most attention. This short and straightforward process will leave you completely satisfied since we will surely set your mind at ease.



    The cost of stucco repair varies depending on what kind of stucco you have, the extent of the damage, and the reason. The national average range for stucco repair is $600 to $1,700. This project has a modest cost of $300 for minor fractures in the stucco’s surface. The high price for the repair of two complete walls of EIFS stucco is $5,000.

    Stucco is a highly long-lasting finish material, typically lasting up to 70 years or more. Despite being one of the most durable surfaces available, it has the lowest yearly maintenance cost compared to other siding options.

    The type with a poor reputation is synthetic stucco. Because it is attached to wood or plasterboard, it enables water infiltration and causes rot if installed improperly.